Babysitter helps you cum

Hey little guy, curious as to why that thing
in your pants keeps getting bigger the more
you stare at me? Well, when looking at
someone as perfect as me all your bIood
rushes to your pecker, making it hard, letting
you know you need to release. So drop your pjs and let your babysitter help you out ;)




How many times... a day do you wack off to my feet?
1? 2? 3? You are a helpless foot stroking addict when you are on your knees before your queens perfect feet. Your dick aches to be touched, to be controlled. Worship them, adore them and pamper them, footboy. This is what you live for!




Homewrecking babysitter

The asleep, your wife is in the shower and its just you and I. "So tell me hows your sex life? I always see you checking me out." I move in
closer pressing my breast against your chest..."Are you ready to cheat on her?" Your dick gets hard in seconds, you cant take your eyes off me! I am going to fuck you all over...the kitchen table, the bathroom....
your bed! I am going to fuck you so good you wont think twice about leaving your wife!



Blackmail made easy

Fantasized about blackmail but your too shy to follow through with it? No problem! Im here to help :) As I remove each article of clothing
you are going to get more hot and horny allowing your brain not to function and before you know it you will be pressing send!