Erotic sensations

Wipe that drool from your mouth! Nothing
brings you more enjoyment than stroking
your dick to me. I look absolutely amazing
in this fishnet outfit- lucky for you Im
in a giving mood and plan to tell you how
to stroke. Whip your dick out horny boy,
its going to be a mind blowing night ;)




Red light / green light strip tease

We've all played it before but Im here to
spice it up! You know the rules: green you
stroke, red you stop however when green is
called I will remove an article of clothing ;)
Keeping you on edge all the way til Im in my
birthday suit...make sure you last the whole
game jerky boy!




To hot to handle

After all of these 1 on 1 sessions we've had where I instruct you stroke your dick, I want to see if you have built up your endurance. Think you can last til the end as I tease you and begin to strip off my clothes?? Ha, good luck horny boy! I already see your boner popping out of
your pants as you look at the preview!




Can you cum before the boss returns?

We share the same cubical space and while the boss steps out you cant help but notice how fucking good I look in my work outfit today.
You have never acted upon your desires, until now. You make it very obvious that you are starring at me in hopes that I will be just as
interested. I turn, look at you and.....

Must watch at work!!!